John’s point in this stunning introduction of Jesus Christ is to tell us that he is the Eternal Word, the Creator of everything, and that he reveals the light and life of God to this dark world.
Have you been stunned by the reality of who Jesus really is? Has God given you the eyes of faith to see him in his majesty and glory?
Because he is the Eternal God, we should believe in him and submit every inch of our lives to him as our sovereign Lord.
Because he is the Creator, we should worship him as we see his handiwork in what he has made.
And if his life is in us, our salvation is secure. Because he is our light, we should let him shine into every decision we make and into every area of our lives.
Because he is our life, we should be filled with hope because we will spend eternity with him. And we should share the hope we have in him with all who have ears to hear!
To sum it up, to know God is to look to Jesus, the eternal Word of God!
As we continue our journey in the Gospel of John, he wants us to understand that he is going to be talking about this amazing man from Nazareth – God himself who somehow became a man! He is the Creator become part of his creation, the Originator of life and of wisdom who somehow limited himself to learning as a little child, growing and partaking with us in the search for truth, and at last, showing the fullness of it in his resurrected power!
This is the One who is at the center of our faith. That is why we cannot forget Jesus and why he does not fade from human history.
Sooner or later, every human being must deal with Jesus of Nazareth! He is the ultimate crisis in every human life!

In Christ,
Pastor Jim

*Title from James Boice
Credits: Steven J. Cole and Ray Stedman

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